With a background in fashion, I have never strayed far away from the fashion industry.  I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Richmond, Virginia specializing in Fashion Illustration (Member of The VCU Stiletto Club). Here’s a look at some of my other careers:

  • Art Teacher
  • Art Director Outdoor Advertising company
  • Designer Aircraft company
  • Flight Attendant
  • Freelance Graphic Designer (Political campaigns, logos, churches, email designs, illustrations, etc.)
  • Movie Extra (“Death Sentence” starring Kevin Bacon) Look closely and quickly, I’m the “Girl Running” during a street scene. :) 
  • #BoysMom      

I began designing handbags in 2005 on my bedroom floor.  After carrying a couple of handbags for myself, I was constantly asked, “Where did you get that handbag?”  From that point on, I began taking orders from clients ranging from church members, business women, authors and friends.  I want every KG Bags customer to feel good, as well as look good.  You know when you carry one of my bags that carrying the ordinary just won’t do! 

There are only a few quantities of each custom style available to preserve the uniqueness and originality of each handbag.  I realize that most women want something unique and original.

Due to increased product demand, a variety of hand-picked merchandise will be added to our retail product line.  If you have previously purchased from me, I thank you and hope you’ll continue to support my business.  If this is your first experience, I invite you to try something new. SkeeWee to all of my beautiful Pink & Green sisters, and to my sisters in Christ, may God’s blessings continue to be bountiful!  Kimberly




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